The Handy Skills Masterclass
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Have an extraordinary bedroom life!
This course will reshape your entire erotic landscape. Enroll today so that...
  •  You will experience next level pleasure with your partner (and yourself)!
  •  You will gain the confidence to pleasure your partner with your hands.
  •  You will increase your intimacy (solo and/or partnered).
  •  You will master pleasure based anatomy.
  •  You will enjoy deeper connection and passion.

Your course was fabulous. I was thrilled with reclining diamond! The position made it so much easier to appreciate my partner and for them to receive."
                                                                 - Annie -

This is the most advanced and in-depth hand sex course available.
Each lesson below is an in-depth learning experience:
Lesson 1: 
Honoring the body temple
Giver Preparation
Receiver Preparation
Lesson 2:
Creating sacred space
Setting the Scene
Supplies & Safety
Lesson 3:
Asking for what you want
Consent and Communication Mastery
Giving/Receiving feedback
Modeling discussions
Lesson 4:
Introducing pleasure-based anatomy
Pleasure Based Anatomy for
Vulva, Vagina, 
Penis, and Ass
Lesson 5:
Pussy Pleasure
Everything Pussy (External and Internal)
Roxanne's Favorite Moves
Lesson 6: 
Penis Pleasure
Soft Ons & Hard Ons
Ashley's Signature Penis Moves
Lesson 7:
Practicing embodiment
How to cultivate focus, enthusiasm 
and full energetic & physical presence
Lesson 8:
Caring for the giver and receiver
Giver After Care
Receiver After Care
Coming Down
Lesson 9: 
Debriefing from the heart
Follow Up Conversations
Ideal Language & Words to Use
Gratitude & Appreciation
Lesson 10:
Cleaning up and storing supplies
Clean/sterilize materials
Demonstrate cleanup

"Awesome, pleasurable, fulfilling sex life. I really thought I didn't get to have that anymore. Hearing you speak and seeing your true honesty has made me realize that there is indeed hope. It means so much to me that there are amazing, honest people like you in the world."
                                                       - Claire -

100% Risk-Free, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
It's that simple.

"Roxanne, thanks for putting this together along with all the bits and pieces that needed coordinating. It was an absolute extraordinary experience for my wife and I."
                                                       - Tom -

Brought To You By:
from Play Den Productions
Roxanne DePalma, co-owner of Play Den Productions, has over 20 years experience in the field of Sex Education and Holistic Health. Her speciality is Kink Education, Pussy Pleasure, Shibari Rope Tie, Exotic Dance and Communication. 

She also made multiple guest appearances in the Showtime hit ‘Polyamory, Married and Dating’ and creates an environment of safety and permission  devoted to pleasure for all.
from CannaSexual
Ashley Manta has mindfully combined sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand. Her work has been profiled in The Huffington Post, BBC, LA Weekly and featured on VICELAND and ATTN. She was on the cover of Sexual Health Magazine in January 2019.

Ashley co-founded "International Hand Job Day" out of her deep love for hand sex and desire to see it recognized and celebrated across the world. 
These two are the sought-after authorities when it comes to pleasure and bedroom explorations. Together get ready for an experience that will forever transform your bedroom skills making you feel confident, playful and empowered.

"Ashley, you might be one of the few people willing to be so open and personal about something so intimate. You're an inspiration and such a great advocate for all the right things. Keep doing your thing and being you, because I honestly believe the world needs you."

                                                        - Brad -

Who is this for?
This series is perfect for you if you're serious about taking your bedroom moves to the next level. If you are single, in a relationship or anywhere in between, these are skills you will take with you forever.
Will I be seeing naked people?
There will be no full nudity. All of our models will  be wearing bikinis or lingerie. Demonstrations will be on toys or puppets..
What's your refund policy?
It is our duty to create exceptional value and experience. If you are not completely satisfied we offer a 30 day full refund money back guarantee. 
How long is each section?
Commandments vary in length and are broken up into 2 - 10 minute digestible pieces. You can access them anytime and keep them forever to move at your own pace. 
Can I watch the video lessons on any device? 
Yes! You have 24/7 On Demand access from your computer, tablet or phone.
Do I need a partner? Can I watch the video lessons with my partner or friend?  
A partner is not required. If you have one we absolutely encourage you to watch these videos with your partner or even a group of friends...sharing is caring!
I’m afraid someone might find out that I’m doing this series—can I be guaranteed privacy?  
Absolutely. We never share your information with anyone. The only information about you will be your email address and you can make a special account just for this series if you prefer. We consider privacy a top priority.
Are there age restrictions?  
Yes! Due to the nature of our content we require that you are 18 years or older to purchase and join.
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