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Everything you need to know about sexy communication.

Over 17 lessons split into 6 sections to master the art of dirty talk. Taught by sex coach, Ashley Manta. Also included are supplemental PDF downloads, so you can learn on your own schedule anytime, anywhere!



Expand your erotic repertoire and experience new levels of pleasure with your partner.

This includes 4 most common mistakes couples make, stimulation skills using supplies, toys, and lube, communication tools from pre-talk to aftercare, penis, vulva, and booty skills (something for all  bodies), plus Sexting 101 and Pleasure Roadmaps bonuses.



Get my bedroom essentials and some of my best moves in my 40+ page Pleasure Playbook. 

Increase intimacy and connection, keep your relationship(s) fresh and exciting, increase confidence (know what to do and how to do it) and get more playful and creative!


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Hi, I'm Ashley Manta. 

I believe that we are all worthy of pleasure, intimacy, connection, and belonging, exactly as we are--without having to change a single thing about ourselves! You don’t have to look, act, dress, speak, think, do, or be any particular way to be worthy of all those things.

Somewhere along the way in all of our lives, we received the message that our bodies are shameful--so are our desires, our needs, and our preferences. I am here to tell you that you’ve been told a bunch of hogwash! 

Your erotic journey does not need to look like anyone else’s. You deserve to have sexual experiences filled with joy, playfulness, kindness, and integrity. You deserve to have a life (especially a sex life) free of shame and “not enough-ness.” You are enough. You are worthy. Right now. Right this second. I’m here to help you remember that. 

I’m also here to teach you the things that perhaps no one ever taught you. I will empower you with knowledge so that you’ll have more clarity and ease in making requests around what you do want, and setting boundaries around things you don’t want. I will help you learn the ins and outs of your body (pun intended, obviously!) so that you know lots of different ways to make your body feel good, and how to communicate that vital info to your partner(s). 

Come with me. Let’s take a pleasure journey together.


With Love,

"Awesome, pleasurable, fulfilling sex life. I really thought I didn't get to have that anymore. Hearing you speak and seeing your true honesty has made me realize that there is indeed hope. It means so much to me that there are amazing, honest people like you in the world."


Elevated Intimacy Podcast

Listen below as Ashley Manta does more than geek out about the latest toys and techniques. She helps you identify what's holding you back from having empowered, enjoyable experiences (solo or partnered!)

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